03 December 2009

Treinta y Uno!

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around" - Woody Nelson.
I saw that quote today from Danielle LaPorte. That really resonated with me. Why do we find ourselves looking so far into the future of all the things we have not accomplished yet? Things to cross of the list, things to do before we can move onto the fun stuff. I think it's good to stop for a second, and realize how far we've come as well.

What better time to do that than after my 31st birthday?! I feel like I've been focusing on career and life goals so much, I've forgotten to do like Woody said. Though I won't be taking any of his herbal remedies, I'm a good girl! Instead, I partake in cupcakes with lots of frosting and sprinkles and a glass of milk. I made my own. Sometimes, you have to create your own happiness.

So yes, I've turned 31. Treinta y uno. I wanted to take a few minutes and think of all the highlights from my last year. It's been a good one Maybe one of the best yet! That's good, since the last few were kind of tough, but they make you stronger and make you realize what is important. For me, that is my loved ones. And pursuing your dreams now, not later. (This is unapologetically all about me today, if you couldn't tell).

Accomplishments and Highlights for my thirtieth year:

1. Carved and created my first linoleum print.
2. Finished my damn Pi-Shawl!
3. Watched my best friend marry the love of her life, with the best seat in the house.

4. Took my cousin Cara to Key West after promising a trip for seven years. The Reggae Catamaran counts as our open water portion.

5. Was fortunate to create illustrations for a
Manos del Uruguay catalog.

6. First loaf of bread that required kneading!

Won a contest for Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book.

8. Dyed Easter eggs with my sweetie. And was asked to marry said sweetie!
9. Becoming more involved in interior design and architecture happenings in Philadelphia.

10. Biked to work consistently for a whole year (and counting).

11. Studied madly and become a LEED AP.

12. After getting shot down to volunteer with 2 organizations due to lack of need on their part, and a skill set that didn't match up, I finally found someone who I can help!

13. Went out of my comfort zone and took
Holly Becker's online course.

14. Cooked
Beef Bourguignon with Olivia.

15. Finally updated my blog header!

16. Bought a real life, grown up, not free from a summer home I lived in 10 years ago, bed!
I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. Life is a journey. But don't forget, you can't do everything on your own. Sometimes you need to ask for help. Which is why Mike and Zach decorated these cupcakes for my birthday, and got creative with the remaining sugar letters.

I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with you, Mr. Treinta y Uno.


Bomb Ass Bridesmaid said...

A good friend told me life begins at thirty. I am a firm believer, being your BFF marrying the love of her life - number I don't remember -:). You are so sweet and considerate of others, and I love you! I know the thirties will be rockin'.....cause we are there!

Jamie Watson said...

Such a great reminder about being grateful for what we have, and I needed that. Also, I pretended that I had a bite of one of those cupcakes. Thank you for sending me that article in the NY Times. That was so cool of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Happy Birthday mujer!!! You so make me want to grow up and be you.

Lots o'hugs,

Robin said...

Sounds like your 30s started off on a good note! You've done a lot this year that you can be really proud of. I know I am. Keep reaching for the stars!

sulu-design said...

You rock. So does the pretty banner. I'm all about looking back on the goodness of the prior year on birthdays, not figuring out what's gonna happen in the year ahead. Stuff never happens like you think it will anyway, so why try to figure it all out?
Oh - you have a cupcake that says beef.

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have another terrific year. Love your new banner!

Jenny said...

Happy happy birthday!

Those candy letters on the cupcakes sure bring back memories for me. Will have to keep an eye out in stores for them.