05 July 2007

February Sweater

Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Sweater and my soap opera treasure hunt for extra yarn is finally over. But looking at this timeless and cheerful baby sweater, don't you think it's worth it?

February Sweater

I believe that everyone is in love with this baby sweater, since I've seen many a blogger knitting one. If you want to see the sweetest picture of what this sweater should look like, by Ashley of Dogged Knits, click here.

I don't recommend using the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky for this sweater. I had to go down so far in needle size to get an approximate gauge, and it doesn't show the gull pattern as well as a thinner yarn would. However, the end result is very cozy, and machine washable and dryable!

I found these little blue buttons with sprinkles in them at Loop. If this little girl is anything like the other females in her family, she'll be a spit-fire, which is the way I think all little girls should be!


As I mentioned before, it took about a month to find an extra ball of this elusive yarn!

Cashmerino Chunky

My problem was eventually solved by ordering it online from Little Knits. The only catch was that I had to purchase $25 worth of supplies to guarantee my purchase.

Schaeffer Anne "Femme Fatale"

That was the final push I needed to purchase my very first skein of
Schaefer's coveted Anne in Femme Fatale.


sulu-design said...

I was swooning over this adorable little sweater on dogged, and I love seeing it here, too. I love the poppy color you knit it in. Adorable!

Felicia said...

Very pretty and I love that button detail :)

Sherry W said...

That's some nice Anne!