30 June 2008

Lace Ribbon Scarf

I nearly choked myself at knitting circle last Wednesday, while stretching my unfinished lace ribbon scarf around my neck trying to convince the girls that I was done. By the time my dinner arrived, the girls said that I could cast-off.

Lace Ribbon Scarf

My impatience was not because I don't love this pattern. I truly do. I would recommend this for an easy or beginner's lace project. It's easy to memorize, and knits up quickly. This was my second one in a row, so I feel that I got a bit burned out at the end.

I'm happy with the finished result. The cobalt teal (makes it sound less seafoamy-eighties and is a legitimate paint color) is one of my favorite colors. Plus, the superwash merino laceweight created a diaphanous material after blocking.

Next, I'll cast on for my Landscape Scarf again, which I ripped out due to a couple of mistakes. I barely mind starting over, the Koigu yarn is so springy and the picots so enchanting. Otherwise, I may take my summer knitting hiatus and work on my studying!


Lisa said...

I found it a pleasure as well to be choked by your scarf. Love that color and will have to hit Tess' up for it next year ;)

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

I think it's beautiful. Love the colour too :)

susan said...

I love it! very purty. I have Michael's painting (view out that window) on my desktop right now.

Anonymous said...

the tess is definitely something i have to explore. it looks great, but i know the feeling of wanting to knit something again and getting burnout. and i just found my camera so those pics might come up sometime lol.

sulu-design said...

Hmmm... a good beginner lace project? I could see myself picking this one up. It's purty indeed.