15 January 2008

Pi Topper Chemo Cap

A sweet friend of mine is going through chemotherapy. It's going to be tough, but she has an excellent prognosis and a positive outlook.


Instead of flowers, I sent my friend a hat. Her hair was falling out, and she said, "Screw it!" and got a buzz cut. I'm really proud of her. Mind you, this is a woman who always kept a hairdryer in her car "just in case".

Pi Topper Chemo Cap

pattern is special because it was created by someone who understands this experience firsthand. The designer, Corey Laflamme, wanted it to be comfortable, cozy and have a slight pouf at the top to hint at hair underneath. See below? That shaping is not my ultra-flat hair!


I used Rowan Calmer which is cotton and nylon, and good for sensitive skin. I didn't think I'd like it, but it's perfect for hats.

I guess I got her a flower after all. How adorable is that button?

Flower Button

Here's one last shot from the front for -- err, scientific purposes.


As if you didn't already knew I was a ham for the camera, right?


Mim said...

This hat is too cute. I would wear it for sure!

sulu-design said...

Best wishes to your friend. I'm glad to hear that she's keeping a positive outlook. The hat is both beautiful and so thoughtful. I'm sure she'll love it.

Lisa said...

The hat is uber adorable and a wonderful gift for your friend. Any one can buy flowers, not everyone can knit something with love and slip in a flower!

TAYLOR MADE designs said...

you are the best friend ever! How thoughtful of you.

Best wishes to your friend. I hope everything works out well for her. Meanshile, she is going to look so stylish :) Which makes any girl feel good!

Nicole said...

you always have the cuttest buttons!!

Nicole said...

um, that's cutest, not cut-test, haha

coloredsock said...

you are so awesome to make that for your friend! bet she loves it, and the button, too, for sure. it's super cute. sending good vibes to your friend, too!

pia jane bijkerk said...

that is a great gift for someone going through this tough time, very thoughtful. i love your knits, i'm keen on those legwarmers actually!