11 December 2008

Sonny's Birthday Banner

As promised, pure saccharine. First, my notes, measurements and sketches. (The scraps were actually glued on later, I couldn't help myself.)

17. First Birthday Banner

My nephew Sonny turned one today! My best friend (his mama) fully admitted that she went Momzilla, which is hilarious because she's not like that at all. They rented a moon bounce, are having it at a park, with catered Cuban food and a friend who is bringing her own ponies. I'm allowed to make fun of her about this for years to come, and thought a party like that needed a special birthday banner!

I picked up these Heather Ross fabrics, this Sunday.

Heather Ross Fabrics

Cut, cut, cut. Ironed, ironed, ironed. Sewed, sewed, sewed.

All in a Row

And voila!

First Birthday Banner

Remember that it is winter and the lighting is dreadful, but you can get the jist. I shipped these babies out on Tuesday and Brooke already received it and loves it!

All Done!
I did "Happy Birthday" as one banner and did "Sonny" separately, so she can hang that one up year round if she wants. I placed banners with a star between the words to break it up.

I wish I could be there to celebrate, but will be home in Florida to see them soon. Because, I love moon bounces. Oh, but I really love Sonny so much more.

Happy First Birthday, kiddo!


sulu-design said...

MOON BOUNCE!!! Do they let one year olds into those?
Awesome handmade gift, Auntie.

Anonymous said...

could you be any more freaking amazing and talented?

Lisa said...

Ahhhhhhhh it turned out sooooo cute!

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

super cute banner! How psyched was your friend and little sonny :)

oh, and the first birthday is always a big deal. As a parent you are so excited you didn't kill your baby during the first year... so the party is really for you...not the baby!

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