15 August 2007

Turqoise Market Bag

I finished one of my market bags. This was adapted from a Peaches N' Cream pattern. I'm not the greatest at crochet, but I enjoyed this fishnet type of stitch, and how easy it is to improvise with this craft.

Turqoise Market Bag

It really is quick. I'm no convert, but did enjoy a crochet refresher lesson with my friend, Clara last Sunday.

I also added individual Pink Peony Cards
to my shop today.

Pink Peonies I

Alright, someone needs to get off the computer and pack for a weekend roadtrip. Goodnight!


Felicia said...

Those pink peony cards are delightful!

kat said...

oh I would love to be able to make a bunch of those bags for grocery shopping. Lucky you to have the skill!

DawnK said...

That bag is cute, too. My daughter likes to crochet. I need to get working on my Christmas knitting, so I can move on to other stuff.