02 December 2006

Brainy Beanie

This will be called the Brainy Beanie after it's new owner, Heather, who just happens to be an electrical engineer. I made it extra big to fit her large brain. Hope you like it, Heath!

Pretty yarn for Heather's hat. Diarufuran to be knit on size 7 Lantern Moon double point needles in rosewood (to replace these awful metal ones below).


ing progress. Loving knitting with this yarn, it will probably pill...but the fabric is gorgeous and quick to knit up.


il for some eye candy.

Brainy Beanie

Sad face when I finished Heather's hat and realized it was just a tad small. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right. So I took it to knitting circle and ripped it out there. I only lost the top portion of the hat, but actually enjoyed knitting with the fabric again. I told you this is a joy to work with.


Progress! Don't you love the striping? I actually took this picture to document at what length I need to start decreasing. Although I have a pretty big head, I have the tendency to make my hats too small. So now I know to knit until it feels uncomfortably long, and that's the right point.


Happy face that the hat is now the proper size. Although it doesn't look that much bigger, it made a huge difference. The hat is quite stretchy, but doesn't feel like it will fall off now.

Heather's Hat Completed

Leftover yarn from the one skein! that was needed to knit this hat. I've already started a log cabin blanket with this lovely scrap.



Anonymous said...

Fellow Ripper!

I just pulled out a raglan sweater that was 3/4 done because it would be too big... I sympathize. It looks like your DOB was as fun as mine. Robert gave me the humongous knitter's messenger bag that I wanted to carry the sweater (that I just ripped out) that I'm working on in it. Looking forward to seeing you sometime this season at knitting circle. Regina

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Very pretty. Do you still use your FP loom?!! Always pleased to find fellow artist/knitter/crafters!