07 December 2009

Do Gigantic Alligators and Toddlers Mix?

Something about being Aunt Merce to the cutest two year old boy in existence just makes me want to give him outlandish things to play with. Toys like the giant fabric snake my Grandma Craine got me when I was 11. Impractical, but awesome and completely memorable.

Enter a huge scrap of bright green soft corduroy that was not used for Axl Rose stenciled tote bags for two friends. What can one do with 35 square feet of green fabric?

Originally, I thought that a giant stuffed alligator (with a non-scary grill of course) would be a wonderful present. But that would be extremely cumbersome and could possibly frighten the cutest boy in the world. Perhaps giant toys will wait until he's four.

After all, I don't want to be the well meaning lady who gives her granddaughter a clown shaped hamper with pointy diamond eyes which needed to be stuffed in the closet each night before said granddaughter could go to sleep. And lets face it...I still knew that clown was in there, plotting to kill me if any of the barriers of pillows fell off the bed!

I loved that my Grandma Huber bought it for me though. She was pretty amazing.

So, the 35 square feet of green fabric will turn into a Christmas tree skirt. Mike is using his crazy math skills that relate to art to create a perfect circle. Thank goodness that man is creative and handy and can destash some fabric for me!
23. Big Alligator Stuffed Animal

I think we can settle on an eighteen inch tiny and happy baby gator instead.

P.S. When I say 18 inches, I do not mean 18 feet, which would be the exact opposite of the miniature Stonehenge in one of my favorite movies,
Spinal Tap.

P.P.S. Merce is my nickname with high school friends. It's the way my name sounds when said lazily by a good friend with a thick Puerto Rican accent. It's my favorite nickname.


Mariss said...

P.P.P.S. Yo, what the heck is up with blogspot's formatting?!

sulu-design said...

Heh! You linked to "grill."

Lisa said...

hey, Sulu tole my comment!

Lisa said...


ambika said...

I'm just dying at your use of the term grill. I haven't heard that in forever!

Anonymous said...

You are the funniest. My mom's nickname is Merce! I know there was something I liked about you.


Robin said...

I hear ya! I never thought I'd be knitting toys, but I'm knitting a giraffe and a baby doll b/c I couldn't resist making them for my nieces!