29 March 2009

Weekend Sewing - Imaginary Wardrobe

Hello again! I needed a short break, but have been keeping tabs on what you've all been up to. I didn't feel like knitting or drawing or even eating much ice cream. I just felt like reading and being hermit-like. I think I read ten books and had a massive crush on a teenage vampire for about 36 hours...but that's over now.

I've spoken before about how much I love the work of fabric designer extraordinaire, Heather Ross. When she announced a design competition for her new book, Weekend Sewing, I knew I had to enter.

Armed with toasted slices of my first loaf of needed kneading bread, fried eggs and coffee, I got to work. I reached back to my roots, of conceptual drawing in design school, when the future was wide open and projects could have anything in them. (Not like now where I barely get to use color or imagination at all! Alas, that is what free time is for, right?)

Weekend Sewing - M.Huber

I just had fun with this exercise, and thought up little vignettes where I would wear the clothes from Heather's book.

A Day at the Beach. Key components are sunglasses, a cover up that is easily thrown on, a big blanket, lots of sunblock, a fun hat, and a fudge banana ice cream treat from the guy named "John" if we're on the Jersey Shore. If it's Ft. Lauderdale, Coke Slurpees from the 7-11 near A1A and Las Olas are in order.

Day at the Beach

Morning at the Farmer's Market. I'd love to wear the big drapey, twirly wrap skirt from Weekend Sewing, apparently with a cropped jean vest too. I'd purchase fresh raspberries, heirloom tomatoes that may be eaten like candy, and knit a new market bag to go with my cute new imaginary shoes.

Morning at Farmer's Market

Summer Dinner Date, with my beau, Mike. It would be fun to dress up and have dinner al fresco. Bring on the Summer! I don't know if Mike would care either way if I wore cut-off jeans or a cute dress, he's one of those guys. However, it may be a nice change of pace for me! (Egads, what would Stacy and Clinton say at these statements? Perhaps they'd finally let me on their show...) I think he'd be more inclined to notice that I picked an ice cream flavor that he may not like, based on the pretty color.

Summer Dinner Date

Brunch with the Girls. I'm just missing my knitting! I'd probably forget to wear the necklace, sorry Mom!

Brunch With the Girls

Summer Barbeque and Pool Party. This is completely imaginary. I don't know anyone who owns a pool. But if I meet them and they want me to host a party, I could definitely whip up this tunic and eat the heck out of some corn on the cob.

Summer Barbeque
I missed you guys, and am glad to be back. xoxo.


Nadia said...

Dude, your drawing/painting things are frakin' gold. I love these so much. You are motivating me to draw/paint/whatever the heck that magic is.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

glad to have you back

Karen said...

I love your beautiful paitings! You know someone who has a pool - when we go "camping" we have a nice big pool. If you and Mike come up this summer, I will make you lots of corn on the cob, and my tomato, basil and mozarella pasta salad. There's lots of farm fresh veggies up there!

Anonymous said...

you are so talented! Love those drawings. I think it's always good for the soul to take a break. Glad you are back :)

Wendy said...

What do you mean no ice cream!?!?

The drawings are fab!

Lisa said...

Of course I love brunch with the girls most! Wish I could have gone to see Heather..boohoo...

sulu-design said...

Glad you're back, too. Now I'm wondering when we're going to see the materialized outfits. Do you have some weekend sewing planned?

Anonymous said...

congrats! you WON!:)

Sarah said...

I found your pics on flickr I had to that you did an awesome job! I love your ideas

Robin said...

Glad to have you back! I love your drawings. I also checked out the gallery pages and to me, it looks like there's no competition! Good luck!

Andrea said...

Congrats on winning the contest. You did a fabulous job on the drawings. I wish I was that talented. So glad you're back.

Jamie Watson said...

Do you illustrate books and magazines? You really are amazing!!

sarah ahearn bellemare said...

big congratulations! you won! woohoo!
just saw you over on the heather ross blog AND our "class" too! thanks so much for saying hello!
lovely blog~ keep up the great work and be in touch!
best to you and see you in class! off to finish my homework! (i'm such a procrastinator!) xo, *s

Wini said...

Your illustrations are so lovely...!! Wini