07 November 2007

Collaborative Stash Quilt

Lisa had the fantastic idea to collaborate on a baby quilt for Courtney's pending arrival. Lisa kept describing our collaboration as anal retentive meeting creative and carefree (or something along those lines, but in a way that didn't sound like bad writing for feminine care products).

Ant's Eye View

I am obviously the lackadaisical and creative one, as I am constantly eye-balling, and don't always measure. Lisa is the creative one with great attention for detail (let's not call her anal). She hand-stitched a gorgeous quilt comprised of 1" squares that are all
Liberty of London fabric. It's swoon-worthy, I tell you. Go harass her to post a picture of it, I've tried.

Our goal was to make a quilt that was uni-sex, would suit the styles of the parents (no boring pastels here!), and be just plain fun. The majority of the fabric was from Lisa's vast and organized stash. You may recognize the yellow dog fabric left over from
Adjani's Quilt.

Quilt for Courtney + Max

We spent one Sunday afternoon drinking pear cider, cutting, ironing, and sewing the top together. Then we divided and conquered.

I sandwiched and hand-stitched the quilt layers together.

Back of Quilt

Lisa created bias tape using the fabrics from the top, and hand-stitched it up. She also washed that puppy, which is great, because my local laundromat is slightly sketchy...


This type of quilt is a great present, since it looks like you labored away, but it really was so much easier that knitting something. (Um, especially for Courtney, since she is a knitting master!).

Best wishes to Courtney and Max!

P.S. You can see the finished version with bound edges here.


junkdrawer said...

you will be a master quilter! Just say NO to duvet covers.

It looks awesome.

kat said...

wow! You two rock. The quilt is beautiful and I am sure Courtney is going to love love love it.