28 January 2008

Femme Fatale Socks

I've often doubted the raves of hand-knitted socks from my friends. It's not that I don't believe them, I am just very picky when it comes to socks.

You don't realize the agony I encountered of selecting socks as a first grader. My poor mother would check my room constantly to monitor my dressing progress. I was like Goldilocks with the socks, one was too stretchy, this one too tight -- I would roll my knee socks down my legs into little tubes around my ankles. It was a constant struggle. God bless my mom.

Then I got to wear flip flops for the next 12 years until I moved to Indiana for college. So you can imagine my anxious anticipation when slipping on these hours worth of knitted socks.

Except that they were cozy, snug, stretchy and wonderful! I skated over my wood floors in pure amazement.

Anne Socks

Of course I owe part of this to the lovely
Schaefer Anne yarn. Additional thanks must go to Lisa for holding my hands during the short row heels, Misocrafty's tutorial, and Emily for teaching me the uber-stretchy EZ sewn cast-off.

Using old springboard diving skills, I maneuvered myself into prime picture taking angles. (Don't Mike's paintings make the best backdrops?)


I even made a small batch of chocolate chip cookies to celebrate.

Chocolate Chip

Now I can cast on for another pair of socks, and work on my ideas for the Mid-Winter Gocco Swap. I'm in the process of transferring images in my head onto paper. Sometimes it takes a few revisions. This is very rough.


I know you're not surprised to see my multi-colored sketchbook. You know me by now, right?!

Just as my boss, Susan, was not surprised to see me rocking a lime green sports bra, acid yellow tee-shirt and red sneakers when I joined her for a workout today...


Lisa said...

Those socks are super fine! EB is enjoying his Anne socks too, maybe I'll have to cast on for my own pair :)


EmilyG said...

Gorgeous socks!!

Andrea said...

Those socks rock!! Nice job.

Sherry W said...

congrats!!!!! They look nice!!

coloredsock said...

ok, i've waited too long in my life to learn to knit myself some fun socks! i'm a barefoot gal half the year but a crazy fun sock wearin kid the rest of the year. yours are SO fun. now i'm inspired to learn. xo

Heidijayhawk said...

man i have never worn hand knitted socks, i must learn how. they are truly awesome!

pia said...

gorgeous socks! i'm a bit like the cookie monster when it comes to choc chip cookies, and yours are looking mighty fine!!