16 July 2007

The Rainbow Connection

I had the strongest urge to organize and clean the other night, in preparation for starting new projects. As in extensive cleaning -- old portfolios, school project folders, junk drawers, bathroom cabinets, etc. After I was finished, I attempted to organize some of my books by color, as I've heard others have done. It's not completely by color, more like sectioned areas. However, at midnight on a Monday, this made me feel quite accomplished.

rainbow books

I then realized that I had other grids of colors in the house. It seems that I am drawn to either rainbows, all colors, or like to collect sets of things in varying colors. Or perhaps it is pure greed!

For instance, my new gocco inks.

rainbow grid

A rainbow and modular grid is apparent in the first quilt I ever made, utilizing old memo samples from a previous design showroom job. These gorgeous fabrics are all between $100 - $300 per yard. The top was hand stitched by Mike and myself. He helped in order to get the massive project done, not because he likes sewing, but because he wanted a quilt. Big difference (he thinks!). On a side note, this project involved quite a few lost tempers, where I nearly threw a pair of scissors at the beau.

first quilt

Let's not forget about the "Marc Chagall" colorway of my Clapotis in progress.

Drop Stitch

Or wide palette of watercolor paints.

Watercolor Palette

Am I just crazy, or are others drawn to the same thing over and over?

P.S. "The Rainbow Connection" is the song that my dad sang to me as a kid, since Kermit was my favorite. Cheeks told me that we would dance to the song at my wedding, which would make me cry buckets, I'm sure.

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Felicia said...

I'm in awe of your organization! Your Clapotis is lovely too :)