06 January 2010

Quilt for Gavin

The last thing on my 2009 To-Do List was to make a quilt for my friend's new baby. He was due January 1st, but arrived a little early, healthy and gorgeous.

This was the perfect opportunity to use a portion of the giant Box O' Fabric from Heather Ross. I love her fabrics, and they're perfect for new babies. No pastels for these artist parents!


A little bit of washing.


A little bit of drying. Some cutting and a lot of ironing. I kept it simple, and made 6" x 6" squares, 4" wide strips and 2.5" strips. Then I ironed it fastidiously, but didn't agonize over uneven lines. You know that I'm a lazy quilter!

Quilt for Gavin

I wanted to make sure that the colors were not all lumped together, especially with the squares. The strips were put together more haphazardly. I have a tendency to put certain colors together, so tried to break it up a bit.

I made it on the generous side, clocking in at 45" x 60". The front is pieced together with a thick batting and soft chocolate brown fleece. The green cordury edges are not perfect, but the new mama is not one to notice. So I let it go and didn't worry about it. Plus, I had a deadline! I was co-hosting the baby shower with friends.

Quilt for Gavin

She loved it, and I'm really happy with the results. The baby is using it already, I hear!

Quilt for Gavin

Happy New Year, by the way! Wishing you all health and happiness for 2010. Twenty Ten? Veinte Diez? Whatever you'd like to call it...


parallel-botany said...

Mariss, that's so beautiful! Wonderful colors, and definitely not the typical cutesy baby pastels one sees everywhere. I love that it's not so babyish - and because it's a generous size, he can continue to use it when he gets older, too.

You are so right about the motivational aspect of deadlines, I tend not to sweat the little details that would otherwise drive me batty. I've only made one quilt so far, but I'm definitely pre-slotting myself into the lazy quilter category. For sure.

(happy new year, by the way!)

Jenny said...

Wow, that's wonderful! I, too, am a lazy quilter. While I appreciate the skill required to make perfect angles in quilts, I have a fondness for the uneven lines that give quilts like this a homemade feel.

Jessica Nichols said...

You are awesome! I love your super attitude of non-perfection. It inspires me. Truly & sincerely! You're right, a new mom or even a non-new mom won't notice any "imperfections." It is a beautiful, heartfelt, handmade gift.

Jamie Watson said...

Gosh it's so beautiful, what a lucky baby. I love how you trimmed it in green. It's really spectacular.

Anonymous said...


You always inspire me. You are so fantastica! So is the quilt. Will you teach me someday?


Anonymous said...

Mariss, thank you so much for the sweet comments about Jessie + Chris' save the dates! Your quilt is absolutely beautiful.

annechovie said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for your comment and visit.

Nic said...

quilt is beautiful (of course!) and I love the picture of it folded on top of your own quilt!

Maybe one day I will sew, but knitting and crocheting is my love for now!

mjb said...

I love this design! It's right up my alley with how I like to make quilts.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful quilt!
I so want to make one, but just too scared to try. I know, a baby huh?

But really, it's just so so beautiful and that is one lucky baby/family.