01 July 2009

Manos del Uruguay Illustrations

I had the opportunity to do illustrations for Fairmount Fibers last fall. They included some of the drawings in their new Manos del Uruguay pattern book. The new book includes patterns for seven blankets that highlight their Cotton Stria yarn. You can pick up a copy at Rosie's Yarn Cellar.

There is a lovely blanket that features Concentric Squares. It would be an adorable baby blanket.

Concentric Squares

My favorite one to draw would have to be this colorful Log Cabin type blanket. It must be the rainbow colors!

Log Cabin

There is a cozy double blanket in a sophisticated color palette of dark brown and a subtle blue.

Double Blanket

If people want to challenge themselves with new patterns, there are three color variations of a blanket that features twelve different stitch patterns.

Anthologie Blankets

There is a lovely Hexagon blanet, that I've heard are completely addicting to knit.

Hexagon Blanket

The last two blankets include one that features a Quilted Lattice stitch with a unique edging, and a sweet blanket with a hood that will swaddle a wee one. Pom poms or tassels may be added, and you know that I sure hope they are!


This was such a wonderful commission, and I loved drawing and painting one of my favorite hobbies. Thank you for the opportunity, ladies!

Log Cabin


andrea said...

is this you???

andrea said...

well now that it's clarified --

awesome job!

Andrea said...

Beautiful job!! You know I love your work.

Nadia said...

I love them all!

Anonymous said...

OMG that is so so so RAD!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

conspicuously absent of the elements you included in my hat knitting tutorial! congratulations of the tutorial! you are a true talent.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

the second sentence was supposed to say "congratulations on the commission!" one should not drink beer + leave blog comments.

Anonymous said...

i love your sketches! glad i found your blog.

Anna said...

Good for you! Your illustrations look fabulous (as always, of course!)

Jamie Watson said...

Gosh that's wonderful! I am so happy for you and for the folks who get to read your illustrations.

sulu-design said...

Holy moly - you're a published illustrator! How cool. Your images are so gorgeous that I don't even mind that they're for knitting patterns that I'd never understand.

Good-Grace said...

Love, love, LOVE this! I love a *handmade* illustration ... even if the digital ones are fabulous, there's something about the hand drawn, hand painted works that are so much more "organic" to me. Beautifully done!