10 March 2009

Purple Cables

We had a cold spell in February. After the tenth time walking to work freezing my head off in a thinly knit hat (Rowan Felted Tweed), I attempted to rectify this situation.


This purple chunky yarn was meant to be a purse a long time ago. One of those cute baguette clutches with huge cables and some type of velvet/sequin/tulle/extranneous embellishment that yours truly would have rigged up. It had been sitting in my sewing basket 85% completed for about four years now. I pulled it out (which was harder than it sounds, since I hadn't yet learned to seam correctly, and had knotted the bejesus out of it...) and whipped up this slouchy hat for myself.

Birds Eye View

Ahhhh. Warmth. Cozy. And huge!

Purple Beanie

I think I love it. (Wink wink)

Wink Wink

In non-knitting news, I read The Soloist yesterday. I visited the Philadelphia Free Library to pick up books and kill time since I misplaced my housekeys (hopefully inside!) and had to wait for Mike to get home. The Soloist happens to be the book that they've selected for
One Book, One Philadelphia this year. I had been meaning to read it, but had an extra incentive since the author is visiting next Wednesday for a discussion and concert with the Black Pearl Orchestra. The book was quick and the true story touched my heart. I found myself finishing it in one sitting (instead of finishing my taxes I might add...) It also reminded me how lucky I am.

If anyone wants to go to to the concert and discussion next week, just let me know!


kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

Lucky you to only have a cold spell in February! It's been a long cold winter here in Boston :(

Love the hat. It's beautiful and looks fabulous on you.

Regina said...

Adorable! Yeah both the hat and you! Now that you've knit up such a lovely, warm hat you do realize that spring will be here real quick! :D

Jamie Watson said...

Sneakin' on the blogs during work to find you winking at us - makes my afternoon! Love the hat, too. I don't knit, so I just admire.

Lisa said...

Nice remake, babe! But selfishly I hope there isn't much cause to wear something so warm for much longer :)

Nadia said...

Super cute! (You and the hat.)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous colour!! Love those cables.

meg said...

Nice hat, Mariss! It has just the right shape... I have some Rowan felted tweed I thought about making a hat in, but I thought to myself, "self, you'd better hold this double if you want it to be warm," and then I never did it.

sulu-design said...

First of all, love the "huge" hat. A little slouchy is jut right in my book.
What a cool idea, this one book, one Philly thing.

your favorite Heather said...

Love the hat and love you! Call me soon:).

Anonymous said...

It looks really cute! I love the slouchy shape.

Michelle said...

Great hat, the color is perfect!

Wini said...

What a gorgeous beanie!! Love the big cable knit! Wini (from BYW course)