18 February 2007

Bird's Nest

This sweet looking bird's nest is what remains of my sweater back after ripping it out. As you can see, it's as crimped as an 80s hairstyle, so I bought some soak wool wash in the flora scent to remedy this.


I needed a break from my sweater, and needed the instant gratification that only baking or sewing can provide. However, I had more fabric than butter at the moment.



I did some quick planning after figuring out which scraps to use. I used some 18x24" fabric scraps I bought from my last visit to Purl in Soho, and something from my small fabric stash.

And this is my new and first apron!


I just eye-balled everything and started ironing and sewing. I ended up doing two pockets because of how much fabric I had, and so that the one pocket wouldn't sag if I put too much in it. (Mike's suggestion!)


I also ruched the top of the apron for some extra flair. I am a big fan of cummerbunds, and anything that looks like them, I like.

And after all that sewing, I thought I needed a new pincushion.


Now, I have enough of that new project glow to attack my sweater again.


Lisa said...

wow, have you been a busy bee! You and Sherry- I've been a good little producer too, just too damn lazy to post about it. I marvel in my own consistency!

EmilyG said...

Adorable apron!!!

Era said...

I love the color combo in that apron! I have been planning on making an apron for a month now and haven't gotten around to it . . . I'll have to live vicariously through others I guess, and I have to say that reading that post was almost as satisfying as if I had done all the work myself!

heather danielewicz said...

this site is great! you are so crafty that it makes me want to try knitting again! however, i don't think society is ready for my avant garde knitting.

Sherry W said...

Look at that apron! Very cool. Theya re making a comeback, aren't they?
The bird's nest shot is funny!

Aimee said...

cute as can be. and your watercolors are beautiful!!