04 January 2007


I made 1-1/2 knitted gifts for Christmas. I felt my friend Kathy Jean needed some love over the holidays, so I whipped her up a pair of Fetching gauntlets from Knitty.


As you can see in this photo of us seemingly hawking coffee products in Central Park, Kathy Jean loves all things green.


The yarn is Koigu Kersti. The second I saw it, I knew Kathy Jean would love it. And she did.

This was an eas
y and fun knit. The pattern is simple and I had plenty of yarn left over to add to my stash.


Technical note: I accidentally forgot to put an extra cabled row on the cuff of the gauntlets, but did not restart it in order to finish them in time for the holidays. Plus, Mike's Christmas hat is only halfway done, and it is now January.

Mike's Hat

However, my present from Mike is not finished either. He still needs to paint this little bluebird he sculpted for me...but he's in Indiana right now, so we'll give him a break...and me some extra time!


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