06 January 2008

Sonny's Quilt

Sonny's Quilt is finished!

I wanted it to be machine washable, so I stitched the heck out of it and tested it out in my mom's washer and dryer.

Luckily I did that, since a small part opened up. My awesome Mom stitched it up while I did a janky embroidery job. It was very quick because I was so excited and impatient to see Brooke and Sonny.

Horrible Embroidery!

My highschool friends call me "Merce", which is the mumbled form of "Mah-riss" created by an old friend with a thick Puerto-Rican accent. It's probably my favorite nickname.

Here's the photo shoot on my front lawn in December no less!


Here's the finished product! It's not perfect, but Brooke and Lou loved it.

Quilt for Sonny

It's the perfect size for Sonny to roll around on the floor and play, when he gets a wee bit older.


Andrea said...

Hey girl!!! I love the quilt. It's just beautiful. Another fine job as usual. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Marissa-

Merce is my mom's nickname. It's short for Mercedes.
The quilt is really beautiful.


Lisa said...

Absolutely adorable! Love the color scheme and fabrics.

Please take me with you on your next fabric excursion...pretty please!

TAYLOR MADE designs said...

You should be so proud, because it's gorgeous! I love the colour and the pattern. Really, it's so great!

Heidijayhawk said...

oh my! that is kinda AWESOME! way to go! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

Anonymous said...

Maris: Beautiful work as usual. I'm always amazed how talented you are with all of your various needlework.


nessagr said...

That's a beautiful quilt! I really want to make one, but am afraid it'll take forever. I am amazed at how quickly you whipped up something so gorgeous and involved.

Thanks for the blog comments and birthday wishes. Julian is my husband's son, by the way.

susan said...

makes me want to have a baby, sos i can gets a kickass quilt!

sulu-design said...

I love the style of this quilt (does the pattern have a name?). The colors and the piecing together ("piecing together" probably has a proper term, too, unknown to this non-quilter) is just awesome. Lucky Sonny.

Dallas said...

I love the quilt - such cute colors and fabric.