10 May 2006

"Bobble Bobble" --Marissa the Turkey

This is a hat that I made last Thanksgiving (2005) with individual bobbles every few stitches. Each bobble had a bobbin and a separate strand of yarn. I'm sure I could have found an easier way to do this, but the hat looks great and is very fun to wear.

Bubble Gum Beanie

It was inspired by a friend's grand-daughter who has a delightful little beanie with polka dots in different colors. It thought bobbles would be more fun and would brighten up gloomy winter days...


This hat was knit on a road trip to Bloomington, Indiana for Turkey Day. I sat shotgun of my own car and used the glovebox as my "studio". My boyfriend, Mike and friend Dave have a wonderful appreciation for knitting after seeing the horror of intarsia and bobbles that transpired on I-70.

Bubble Gum Beanie

This is an old picture, I don't know where my arms are, I am not pushing out my chest even though it looks like that...I don't have a close-up of the hat, and last but not least: I made this hat up as I went and don't know what yarns I used. But I'm a very irresponsible knitter, perhaps that will change soon.

Bobble Hat

Post edited to include picture of 'Bubble Gum Hat'. And coincidentally, my neck looks like a turkey's in this picture...

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