14 May 2006

Vanillabean's Knitting Bag

In my quest for the perfect knitting bag, I have found that they are either too expensive, don't have enough pockets, or don't have areas to put personal non-knitting items. Then I end up having one bag with tons of little bags and pouches inside, which drives me crazy...

Since I am not in a position to buy the coveted
Lexie Barnes Lady B Knitting Bag at this time, I decided to make my own. I'm winging it, but am happy with how it's progressing.
I was inspired to start quilting last year and bought a sewing machine. My boyfriend and I made an awesome quilt, that I'll post at a later time. I wanted to create a quilted material that had a vintage look. I selected two prints in similar colorways and plan on embellishing the exterior of the bag later with embroidery.


The requirements for my bag are to have plenty of pockets, nooks and crannies for needles, hooks, measuring tape, a notebook, mini cacha cacha, etc... I also wanted to have a place to put my wallet, cell phone, ipod and keys. However, I don't want to feel like a pack mule!


Above i
s a diagonal pouch which can fit 14" long straight needles.


Here are smaller pockets with pearl snaps to hold smaller, easily accessible items.


I made an exterior pouch for my non-knitting essentials. There are pockets for my cell phone, ipod, pens and keys to fit.


Shown here is a removable insert to place needles, a notebook, and a magazine or pattern on the other size. This way, if I need these supplies, they can fit, but the bag can be uncluttered if need be.


And the finished product, unless I add some embroidery...hmmm...


Sarah said...

oooh. great bag! I have been making do for far too long with a free tote bag from work and an embarassing collection of old shopping bags.

and welcome to blogging! it's almost as addictive as knitting.

nicole from phs said...

You are miss crafty-pants! I kind of want a sewing machine too, but it's just not a prioriry right now (being a grad student and working full-time).