28 May 2008

Finished Project: City Shawl

My love affair with triangular shawls has officially begun. Using my Tilli Tomas yarn, I knitted the City Shawl by Stephanie Japel in mere hours. This is a super easy and versatile pattern that could work in any yarn, and looks fabulous. I predict many more in my future.

Tilli Tomas Flurries

I was almost disappointed to finish knitting with this insanely squishy, beaded yarn.

City Shawl

Who knew a triangle could turn into a quick change artist? Oh yeah. Magda. It doesn't have to be worn like "Addie on the Prairie", as demonstrated here.

City Shawl

It can be worn backwards with the tails in the back.

City Shawl

Wrapped up like a kerchief, "Magda Style". (I promise, this will be my last reference to Miss Magda. A description using her name is essential here!)


Or even thrown over your body with the point across one of your shoulders.


I am a changed woman. From now on I will scoff at stoles and wraps! (wink)


Lisa said...

I am so happy I got to squish it tonight. It's fabulous!

meg said...

Beautiful! I'm sorry I didn't go tonight, especially if I could have seen this in person!

Anonymous said...

it looks stunning!

Anonymous said...

you can be a glam bandit! it's so much more fun i think i've come to love triangular shawls.

Nic said...

I too am a changed woman... not that I ever opposed triangle shawls, but I just finished my first! I love it so much!! I am going to wear it tonight to the Sex and the City movie opening night :)