10 February 2009

I Heart Calaveras

Ever since I saw and purchased a Piddleloop bag in an Alexander Henry pattern, I've been enthralled by calavera images. Like their popular cousin (the regular skull), I find the calaveras much more festive.

Piddleloop Calaveras Bag Add Image

I drew my own last year, and really need to draw some more soon!

Detail: Calaveras for Andrew

So, when I saw this print from by my crafty-printing-blog pal Shona in her shop (LaLaDexpress), I had to order the last of this limited edition. It's a letterpress print with a traditional Day of the Dead poem, in Spanish and English side by side. She included her own art on the top and bottom. I love it!

Day of the Dead

Shona is one of my favorite people that I've met through blogging. I would have scoffed if you told me three years ago that I would become friends with people I had never actually met (in person). But there quite a few of you that I now consider my friends! When we do meet one day, we'll have a beer or a cup of coffee and it will totally be normal. I'm sure of it!

Yeah, I'm officially a complete nerd. But I think y'all knew that!


Anonymous said...

oooh she has a print! thanks for sharing her link!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Thank you, I totally feel the same way! One day I would like to get to Philli, have that beer, and you know I am dying to go to the Mutter Museum.

ambika said...

Shona is sheer awesomeness. & in no way does any of this mean you're a nerd!

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

lucky you to get that last print. I think it is so good to support artists.

And, I'm telling you, we are going to be reading all about "Famous Shona from Tennessee" one of these days!

Robin said...

I totally love your skulls!

sulu-design said...

Your illustrations rocks - yes, you do need to do more of those. And if you're making a list, I'd like to be in line for one of those beers.