12 November 2007

I Heart Piddleloop!

The inspiration for the calaveras illustration came from the Alexander Henry fabric on this Piddleloop Sewing Team knitting bag.

Piddleloop Calaveras Bag

Sherry always raves about their products and customer service, and now I see why. These gals are first rate. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the fabrics are ones you want to show off.

Piddleloop Stash

Not to mention the plethora of treats they threw in. If you look at a few of the stitchmarkers below, you'll see an 'M' and an 'H'. It could be a coincidence that those are my initials. After a few emails back and forth with
Jen, I doubt it. She's that good.

Piddleloop Loot!

Here is the swag in it's full glory. Let me tell you, when I unwrapped the package, I kept exclaiming to myself, "Are you kidding me?!" I was so impressed and surprised.

I think I also like Jen so much, because she's a fellow Indiana University graduate and ex-Collins resident. Thank you, Jen, for making such great products. I love my new bag!

I think Olivia will be getting one next. By the way, Olivia is still blogless, but she is on Ravelry (Olily). So go ask her to be your friend, after you buy yourself a bag from Piddleloop...


jen said...

go hoosiers!

good old collins, sometimes it nice to think about old times. Like when i dyed my hair magenta to be like Mikki from the band LUSH and my english prof asked me the dye i used so his daughter could do hers the same color. haha oh how i miss Kirkwood, and the Village Deli and your sunday breakfasts...dagwoods sandwiches..and brown county in the fall.
your goodie bag was a little pumped up since you were a friend of sherry. I always have yer back when you mention who sent ya! :D but usuallyt he goodie bags are just as good. :D just enjoy it all and have some fun!

Felicia said...

What a lovely bag of treats!

Lisa said...

I feel one in my future! I lurv the glitter on the fabric, very snazzy.