13 February 2009

A Bed that Requires a Ladder

I have that collector gene. I want to have all of the pieces to a set, especially if it's in a gorgeous palette. Of course I usually don't get it, since it's completely unfeasible and uneccesary (i.e. a full palette of MAC eyeshadows, Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers, tweed yarn or the entire Old Holland line of water colors), but the yearning for having all those pretty colors at my disposal has always been there. Is that strange, or does anyone else feel like that?

One of my bosses gave me a generous gift card for the holidays. I went right over to the art store and picked up a set of something that had been on my wish list for ages. One of the four sets of Dr. PH Martin's Concentrated Watercolor Inks!


They are brilliant. Amazingly brilliant. I put drops the size of a pin head on paper and played around here, and see how far the color goes. And blends and bleeds...ahhhh.


I finally whipped them out for the first time this year. I drew something that I would also love to have, but not quite yet! What is that, you may ask? A quality, fluffy, brand new bed! I still have one I got for free that was (new-ish) and left in a house I rented during the summer of 2001! It's fine, but someday, I'd love to have one that I need a ladder to climb on.

In trying to be more experimental, I just had fun filling in the color. I also didn't worry about making it pretty. The first photo shows just a little bit of ink.

19. New Bed: Day

The second picture shows just how far all of that ink went with a bit of water.

19. New Bed: Night

Concentrated for sure... and nearly fluorescent.


However, aren't the 80s back for the fifth or sixth time?!



Nadia said...

Those colours are amazing!

Lisa said...

Wow, those colors are scrumptious! But more importantly, is there a pea under all those mattesses?

Laura said...

Dude, the 80's never LEFT!! woooooo

Nic said...

wow, it kind of looks like there is a raging fire surrounding the bed! She needs a handsome prince to save her!!

sulu-design said...

Okay... I'll have a go at this again (if you get two almost identical comments from me, please pardon my annoying internet connection).
First of all, what a great boss.
And what a great way to spend your gift card. The set is gorgeous - I'd want to prominently display it on my desk so I could admire its completeness. The colors are so saturated and rich. You are going to have some serious fun with this, I just know it.

Regina said...

Ahhh... like the princess and the pea! Your love of color always brightens a gloomy day!

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

you have one great and generous boss. How lucky for you!
I would have bought the same thing.
Just gorgeous! I'd totally keep them out on my desk too.

Love your painting. The colours are awesome! Enjoy yourself.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...


When I was a wee girl I dreamed of having a big wooden bed that you needed stairs to get into (more like those 3-step stools for tall beds, not a flight of stairs).

If you line up the bottles in a windowsill do they make rainbows in the room?

Anonymous said...

They look great! I'm a bit of a collector too, which is normally accompanied by an anal ordering of whatever-it-is in rainbow order...

And oooh, I'd love a bed like that too! I don't have the nickname I have for nothing, I can moan if any aspect of my bedding is not quite right!

Anonymous said...

Hey there-

I LOVE DR. PH Martin's!!! I had two bottles which lasted fah-evuh. Have fun with those colors and with the bed designs. Nothing like a big fluffy bed at the end of the day!


p u r l g u r l said...

oh wow, what amazing colors. it's just been added to the must have art supplies list.

yep, got that collector gene too... sigh.

Jess said...

These colors are gorgeous! Thank you for informing clueless wannabe artists like me.... :)