11 April 2008

Confessions and Flip-floppers

I have a confession. The second that I admitted defeat on Mom's Muir Stole, I gave it one last try and finally got the hang of the pattern. After some major flip-flopping on the decision, we realized that the shawl would be way too big for her. (Mama's a shorty). Once I ripped it out (with Olivia for support, thank you), I realized it was almost as wide as my mom is tall.

I love the pattern and want to knit it in the future. The crystal ball is foretelling a finished Muir for myself with the two gorgeous skeins of cashmere I bought from Maryland Sheep and Wool last year.

Muir Shawl for Mom Glorious, glorious, cashmere!

So the decision has been made, even though I pretended it already had been last week. (wink) See below, and keep in mind it's doubled in size since this photo.

Probably Not.

I must love this pattern. When I thought I may abandon it during all the flip-flopping, I couldn't help casting on in some cobalt teal lace weight for myself. The teal yarn is the second half of my stash from Sheep and Wool. I may not be able to make up my mind, but I am the one knitter who is able to resist yarn!

Lace Ribbon Scarf

Well, I obviously have enough projects to keep me going for awhile. I'm off to the DC area for an early birthday celebration for my gal, Heather. She's the type of friend you've known since the fourth grade and can take your dirty laundry to their house without even asking.

Hope your weekends are filled with clean laundry and good friends as well!

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