14 April 2008

Waterfalls and Magic Loop

One advantage of living in Philadelphia is that it is a mini-roadtrip away from so many good friends and cool cities. Of course, the traffic congestion does dictate when you can travel (cough Jersey Shore cough summer cough).

Heather and Marissa

This weekend I helped Heather celebrate her birthday in Washington D.C. I forgot how much I love Mexican food, mango margaritas and dancing to booty music with a group of friends. (Well, as opposed to dancing in my kitchen to booty music).

We visited the Great Falls National Park which is right by Heather's house. There was also a bit of antique shopping and brunching.

Great Falls National Park

We saw a baby copperhead snake (cute!) and this larger snake.


We got to climb on some rocks and have a great view of the water falls. The weather was gorgeous. We were actually getting hot while hiking. I felt bad telling my friend Coco that, who is still under a foot of snow in Montreal.

Great Falls National Park

I realized one of the benefits of trying out the magic-loop method for knitting socks. You can sit on the top of a cliff, dangle your feet off, and knit a few rows without fear of dropping a double pointed needle.

Magic Loop

Just make sure not to drop that ball of yarn. It's a long way down.


Anonymous said...

don't go chasing waterfalls....

oh man i see snakes and i'm like RUN FER YER LIFE JEN!

Robin said...

Oh, I love Great Falls! Used to ride my bike from Georgetown to the falls back in the day. My sister is right by there too. I have to make it a point to go back!

Lisa said...

Back away from the copperheads. They are nasty and poisonous, and really horrible to step on...the voice of experience here.

Glad you had a good time in DC, espec. jealous of the mexican food and booty shaking music!

EmilyG said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm with those who say RUN AWAY FROM SNAKE! Actually, I don't mind little garden snakes at all, but the mere idea of a copperhead gives me the screaming heebie jeebies.