05 April 2008

Knitting Mojo and Lost Voices

There are three months until my mom's birthday. I think that I can finish a shawl for her in that amount of time. Muir, although beautiful, was a bit challenging for this novice lace knitter. I'm making her a wider version of the Lace Ribbon Scarf instead. It's coming along nicely, and I think my mom will really love it.

Shawl for Mom

With warm weather approaching, I'm interested to see if my knitting mojo will leave me, as it does each summer. Or am I officially a knitter now?

Speaking of warm weather crafts, I can't help thinking of spring and summer skirts. I'm very excited about the new fabric store in Philly, Spool. We attended the grand opening last weekend, and the fabrics are gorgeous. The lovely Aimee, is working there, too. Perhaps I'll make a skirt with one of her patterns...

Lisa and Mindy

Mike said thank you for all the well wishes and compliments on his website.

Now could somebody please find me my voice? I lost it last Wednesday in the elevator at work. This is the longest case of laryngitis I've ever had, and I'm beginning to feel like Ariel, the Little Mermaid!

And you know this is killing me. I'm not the most quiet of people. (wink)


Nic said...

Sorry to hear about your lost voice. Carrie lost hers too while she's been here in Boston! Sucks that she got a cold on vacation, but she's been a trooper. As a future speech therapist, I can tell you to drink LOTS of water and REST your voice as much as possible!

Lisa said...

Hey Froggy-baby! Cannot wait for you to have your voice back.

I think the shawl for your mom is going to be gorgeous. Nice choice to expand the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marissa-

I'm knitting a lace ribbon scarf for my mom's bday as well. Except you're so organized...I only have two weeks to try and finish it. Luckily I finished the Clementine shawl for her, so I can always add this one to the gift bag, as a work in progress.


Carrie said...

As Nicole said - I've had no voice for five days! It's terrible because I'm normally such a blabber mouth. I'm hoping we get our voices back soon!

sulu-design said...

I marked your post about Mike's site and meant to comment on it earlier, and then life ripped me away from the computer... so a belated congratulations to him!
And I hope that your voice returns soon... not that I've ever heard you talk, but I imagine that you're like me - it would be torture for me to be unable to say what I want when I want as loud as I want!

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

sorry to hear about your lost voice! I hope you find it soon :) at least it's better than having the latest stomach bug that we've all had :(

You are so organized to already know what you want to do for your mum's birthday. I'm sure she will love whatever you make her.