10 April 2008

Houses, Babies and Weddings...Oh my!

Friends of ours recently bought their first house in South Philly. It's a pretty exciting time, I think everyone I know (excluding myself) is either having a child, buying a house or getting married. I'm happy for my friends, and also slightly relieved to have a limited amount of adult responsibilities right now! (wink)

We got this happy couple a footed glass dish. They love desserts, so it seemed fitting to prepare a strawberry shortcake-esque parfait as part of the present. They're not the type who I felt the need to give a gift receipt. Whipped cream trumps anything in the wife's eyes!


I couldn't resist making a quick little card either.


I finally found a use for my Jitterbug Yarn. It's looking great as a pair of socks, don't you think? Sometimes, the simplest is best.

Toe-Up Socks

I also ordered some of those "moo cards" from
flickr. I'm not sure why they're called that, but they sure are cute.

Moo Cards!


EmilyG said...

Love that card!

And also? YUM!

Nic said...

You know what will be great about having all of your friends do those things before you? You will have lots of resources for when YOU get to those things!

As always, I love your present-giving and card-making creativity! Oh, and let me know when you figure out your schedule for Boston next week!!

Lisa said...

I know I've been in my place for 11 years, but I think I'll have a house warming so you'll make me yummy dessert in a footed bowl!

sulu-design said...

You're a genius! Why had I never thought of filling a bowl/dish/glass/whatever as part of the gift of giving it?!?