13 December 2010

Necklace Holder...Finally

I have been meaning to make a simple necklace holder for about 5 years. Just something simple, a piece of nice wood with hooks, and something in the back to mount it.

How funny that when I did finally got around to making this, it only took about 2 hours.

I found a gorgeous piece of wood that was 12 x 18", sanded it with our orbital sander (one of our favorite wedding gifts!), beveled the edges, drilled the holes, varnished it, and Mike hung it up for me one day while rearranging all the artwork in the house.

Jewelry Holder

I would have painted it, but there were 3 different colored lines in the wood that were so pretty, almost greenish gold, that I kept it plain. I'm becoming more of a neutral gal lately, or as my crazy color twin and I like to joke, our tastes are maturing!

Necklace Holder

Sweet and easy if you have a few minutes and some patience. I highly recommend measuring twice to get the alignment correct on your hooks. It made a difference, and I'm glad I was not lazy this time.

Necklace Holder

P.S. Enjoy the cast of my teeth. That's what you get when you are sweet to the nice dude at the orthodontist!


Emma said...

Looks great! If I get myself any more jewelry, I'm going to need one of these!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Funny, your necklace holder and my key holder look very similar! Years ago I saw an article on Angelica Houston's home + she had this gorgeous bronze statue (not one of her husband's, an antique) with it's arms stretched out + she hung her necklaces on the arms. It looked fabulous + for years I searched flea markets for something like that. Gave up the search + went with forged ornamental hooks I got at a crafts show.

Merry Christmas to you (a week early).