12 January 2008

Noro Legwarmers

I started knitting the Noro Legwarmers while home in Florida. I tried to create random stripes of color by breaking the skeins up into smaller balls of color.

Noro Legwarmer

I still don't have as much variation as I would like, but I'll fix the problem soon. I think only
Jenjer Peach will understand this issue, as she is my long lost twin for the love of insane color combinations.

I'm also rethinking how I want them to look. Below is my pasty leg showing off the progress, as well as my favorite new slippers from Aunt Sissy.

Winter White

I'm thinking I may want to do something more like my legwarmers below. A little looser but not quite

What do you think?


While you ponder that, I'm going to join
Lisa for coffee and enjoy this gorgeous faux spring weather!


Lisa said...

And I so enjoyed being met for coffee, some stiching and quite a bit of raucous laughter!

I want stripy legwarmers now. I do think while more of a pain then plain old stockinette, ribbed would be the way to go, oh and a little slouchy.

Fame rocked!

Anonymous said...

oh please believe i understand and know that i have some crazy skeins of anne that might go through this same treatment. especially since a knitting friend of mine, zelphia (on ravelry), got me lace style for christmas and they have some awesome legwarmers in there.

susan said...

don't forget to make a headband too!!!

nessagr said...

Those colors are going to brighten any dreary winter day! I like the slouchy, ribbed look, too. SOOO fun!