09 December 2010

Montserrat Orange + Peonies

Remember the rainbow spectrum of luscious oil paints I received for my bridal shower?

I made something with them! It was a long overdue painting for our super talented wedding photographers Ashley and Philip Colhouer. The first attempt didn't work out how I wanted it to, which led to the delay.


I thought something graphic and sweet would be perfect for their adorable little girl. Here are the progress shots leading up to the most final image. I'm tempted to go into it one more time, I think that it's a little flat, but overall, I feel that it's finished.


Oil paints are really wonderful. It's like painting with butter.


I think I'll consider this finished. I don't want to delay more, and don't want to mess it up.

Almost done

I like how writing makes you feel more confident about your endeavors over time.


Sharon said...

That is beautiful! It is perfect for a little girl, but I must say I wouldn't mind staring at that all day long either! Good on you for being brave and posting this for all to see & comment on. :-)

Jainnie said...

That's beautiful, Marissa! I love flowers and I love pink. I'm sure they will appreciate it, and I'm quite sure their little girl will LOVE it! Thanks for posting your photos. :-D

jessica swift said...

It's so so lovely, Marissa!! YAY!

BAB said...

It is beautiful Marissa! You are so talented and creative. They will love the painting -:).

Spoolhalffull said...

Beautiful colours and I love how you have filled the canvas.

jess said...

what an amazing gift. i wish i had a fraction of your visual talent!