20 June 2007

Draw Anyway

The night before I went to Renegade, I was painting with my watercolors and started to paint an octopus, a sea urchin, and a group of jellyfish. Little did I realize that the new hipster animal is the octopus. I think that 87% of the crafts I saw at the fair had an octopus featured. And I did see a pink jellyfish tee-shirt.


I thought it was a bit ironic...however, sea creatures are a lot of fun to paint (and eat for us non-vegetarians!).

I mentioned before that I was really inspired to draw and paint lately. I've also been enjoying reading some illustrator's blogs, like Penelope Illustration and Draw Anyway.

I like the fact that the Draw Anyway blog pertains to me. Although I can draw, I get rusty, and sometimes don't know what to put on paper. The person who runs this blog encourages anyone to just draw something, for a minute or an hour. Whatever you feel like. She gives you little exercises to get you inspired. I think once you start doing it more, it starts to come naturally again. (Same as blogging, I would think!)

It probably doesn't hurt that I have my own MFA painting graduate/artist on hand for 'refresher courses' and activities. Here is a screwdriver that Mike had me paint the other night. I was trying to pay attention to color and light and shadow, but I was quite pleased with myself, and the fact that my sketchbook is getting quite full.


I don't necessarily consider myself an artist, but I do consider myself a designer. I like to make all type of things, and drawing and painting is something that I enjoy. It can help my designs, help me to explain things visually and plan.

Perhaps because most of my friends are painters and artists for their career, and it is their main passion in life, it influences the fact that I don't 'label' myself as an artist. I hope that makes sense. That's just my personal feeling at this time.

However, I could change my mind entirely. I'm just like that (wink).


Myfanwy Nixon said...

Hello! I'm the 'person who runs' Drawanyway! Thanks so much for the link - it's truly lovely to hear comments like this.

I agree it's like blogging. I think ten minute bite-sized tasks, though I didn't realise it when I started Drawanyway, are actually really suited to the blogger mentality.

Sherry W said...

I love octopi. So pretty and interesting. Tasty, too. :)

Felicia said...

Excellent screwdriver. I tried to make a socktopus creature the other night and I ended up putting him in the 'Mistakes' bin. LOL I may have to give it another go knowing he is the in guy :)

sulu-design said...

I like the idea of spending a little time every day drawing (or working on any task along those lines). Not necessarily one's "big" hobby, but a side craft to practice regularly. Gonna check out that link - sounds cool. Your illustrations are impressive!

kat said...

really great stuff :)
I think you are right on the money, a little everyday... and before you know it you have some brillant stuff in your sketchpad. Good for you :) you've inspired me!

Nicole said...

Is it ok if I label you an artist even if you don't for yourself?! I think you are great :)