05 May 2010

Color Mixing

Feeling inspired by the geometric prints and bright and muted colors led me this piece. I've been enjoying mixing random colors to create new shades, and placed some of my favorites here.

Blocks of Color

Oddly, I'm finding myself drawn to the muted shades, and neutrals and browns lately. (Oddly to me, since you know how much I love bright, bold hues). I think I'm influenced alot by the season of year, and the colors popping up in design and fashion.

Here are details of some of my favorite pairings. Minty blue-greens, non-1970s avocado, blushes and corals.


Pinks and purples. Those have been my favorite since
age three!

Candy Colored

And grays and browns and tans. I love them, lately. The tan on the right is what I mistakingly thought my natural skin color was before I moved to Indiana for college, and was not in a bathing suit playing waterpolor or diving daily... The bright yellow/green is lovely too.

Skin Color

Other than my latest obsession, we're getting ready to mail off invitations for our wedding. I got the Abstract Expressionist stamps, since I could not stomach the wedding cake ones, and they were out of the King and Queen of Hearts. Mail is so much more fun with pretty stamps, but I'm not going postal (pun intended) and doing the vintage look.

I'm attending a Green Building
event tonight, and know I'll be glad I went. Paying in advance helps this cause.

But right now, I would prefer to either go home, eat some pineapple, address mail and watch the most recent episode of Lost that I missed last night due to Quizzo! Or attend a free seminar on urban gardening (one can dream), or hear Charlaine Harris of the Sookie Stackhouse fame read from her newest book at the Philadelphia Free Library. And of course, see my knitting gals and especially Miss Regina at Rosie's.


Lisa said...

Charlaine Harris would have been very tempting if I knew about it :) Sherry and I had a great time catching up with Reg and the three of us dined alone. It was so good to see her! We missed you...maybe coffee some night after work?

sulu-design said...

Damn, girl. I just caught up on your last post and can't believe how freaking busy you've been.

I LOVE the results of your color mixing project. I'd frame and hang the sheet as is - it's beautiful.

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

I'm with susan, I would totally frame that sheet. It's awesome. You have been so busy. When is your big day again?