29 April 2010

Color Studies Quatro, Cinco y Seis

Life's been hectic the past few weeks. Changes at the job, but I'm looking forward to new opportunities within my workplace. Fingers crossed!

Short trip to New York City to spend time with my cousins.

Color Study No. 3

Indiana to pay my respects to a wonderful women who will be missed dearly.

Florida for my bridal shower with family friends. My mom bought me a silly crown to wear which made me extra happy, since I love hats. My best friend truly went above and beyond!

Color Study No. 5

Sandcastles and an open air Jeep ride with my favorite two year old little boy and best friend. Practiced my Spanish, which is vastly improving with the help of said two year old!

Lots of time with my adorable Mom and Dad.

Happy hour in their neighbors garage. He rolls up his garage door on Friday and Monday afternoons, for "Bumper's Happy Hour". How cool is that? I got to drink out of the Holy Grail cup, and wear an iron key around my neck to be officially sworn in. I love my parents' block.

Met my amazing photographer for our upcoming wedding! We just click (no pun intended).

Flew into Ft. Lauderdale at 5AM, and got a wedding cake and some inexpensive flowers by 1PM!

Color Study No. 6

Baby show
er and Derby Party yesterday in Philly.

Today: blissfully lazing about the house writing thank you notes!

I think I'm back on the grid now...

P.S. I put some color studies in here since I was camera-less.

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Andrea said...

You know I'm loving this. I'm actually thinking of doing a color study in fabric with my sewing.