02 June 2008

Ode to Grandma Huber

I've mentioned my Grandma Huber before. She taught me to crochet when I was a little girl, and the furthest I got was learning to double crochet. I think it's only fitting that I create my own afghan with the scraps from past projects by just doing double crochet.

Below is my beloved stash afghan my Grandma made, that my Aunt Sissy gave to me. It is one of my most treasured belongings.

When I look at it, I think of all of the projects that she made during her lifetime. I especially smile when I see the pink and purple (pronounced "puh-ple" once upon a time) that she let me choose for my own sweater at the age of three. In a few areas, the pink and purple are strategically placed next to each other. I was the first granddaughter, also known as "Princess #1". Sometimes I wonder if my grandma put those two colors together in the afghan because they were my favorite. It's a nice wish, right? (wink)

Here was my sketch for my own scrap afghan:

5. Stash Afghan

And, voila! Scrap afghan in progress. It is going to be huge, hideous and I will love it. Crochet is fast. I crocheted the equivalent of a scarf in a few hours yesterday. Of course, not a scarf that anyone would want to wear...but I'll make it work. Somehow.

Stash Afghan

I just hope I have enough stash yarn. I only want to use scraps from actual projects, and have tried to save a little from everything, even if it's only a yard. If I don't have enough, I will put it on hold and add on as I go.

It truly is my homage to my Grandma, wherever she may be.


PrincessPea said...

That's such a beautiful idea, weaving together remnants of yarn from your past projects with the traces of your Grandmother and her craft. Lovely.

andrea said...

this will be lovely! I've been saving all my swatches and scraps to make a knitted "quilt." I think yours will be done much faster than mine.

Lisa said...

Looking zippy! How are you compensating for differences in weight/gauge?

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! i actually changed my sock yarn blanket as stripes instead of squares, kinda similar to this. crochet is faster but you definitely wanna keep an eye on your yardage. so far so good sugar, keep it up!

Mariss said...

Thanks, guys! Actually, the gauge hasn't been too big of an issue, since I picked a hook size that was a bit larger. I figure I can add a border at the end and block it if there is an issue. Thanks for the nice words, peeps!

meg said...

Looks great! I bet your grandmother would be amused to see that two of the first colors you've got in your blanket are purple & pink!

Heidijayhawk said...

that is such a cool post. and what a treasured afgan and memory!

sulu-design said...

A lovely post about your grandma, Princess #1. And if your blanket turns out to be at all like your beautiful sketch, you'll have two amazing afgans to snuggle under!

Miss Grace said...

That is a really lovely tribute to your grandmother.

And it looks like it's going to turn out well too, which is a nice bonus.