07 December 2009

White Nest

When I was in school for interior design, we had grueling schedules.  One semester consisted of four all-nighters per week.  Needless to say, us students truly bonded.  

One of my closest friends in the program was Meg.  Completely talented, dedicated, detail oriented, and humble and fun as heck.  She's an uber-successful designer these days in Chicago, but also keeps up with her crafting.    

I just found out that she opened White Nest on Etsy.  Meg  combiness her attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship and refined taste to create these gorgeous and understated pillows.  

I really love the geometric design in the top one, and the subtle colors.  (I know that Marissa and "subtle colors" don't tend to go together, but my tastes are changing slowly).  

The flock of birds is cute. I like how it is a looser graphic of the birds, rather than so detailed.  It can read as a pattern or be a literal interpretation.

And lastly, stripes with a slight pop of her signature color, hot pink.  This is a classy lady who included a monochromatic candy bar at her wedding, complete with jars of hot pink sweets.

So go check her out, and tell her I sent you!  I realize that my opinion is completely biased, but trust me, she's truly that amazing!

P.S. Meg, you need a blog.  Get on it, girl.


sulu-design said...

So up my alley. So, so up my alley. I'm checking the shop out now.

ambika said...

Oh, I am smitten. All of this is wonderful. I'm kind of wishing she made fabric so I could make a dress out of that bird print.