09 December 2009

A Studio of My Own!

Mike had his studio in the back of our apartment for the past three years. His friend Meghan asked him to share a studio with her, which has a great view of downtown, and is quite affordable. This means that we moved all of his supplies out of the studio in our apartment, and my things right in!


The room has windows facing south and west, so it gets amazing light at the end of the day. We relocated a small sofa into the room, which creates a cozy little reading nook. (This also improves the layout in our living room drastically!)


My bike fits right underneath the mountain of books. This meant that we could get rid of the wall rack that was getting to be an eyesore, and the kitchen is less crowded.


There huge graphite drawing is Mike's, which is a view from the opposite side of the room. The pretty Florida scarf is from Shona, and has certainly inspired our wedding palette and Save the Date cards. (I'll show them soon).


This wall was a mess from the start, so it's practically a bulletin board by now. We will fix it up quite nicely when it's time to move out. It is so wonderful to have an actual room for myself. I can listen to music or podcasts and work on whatever my heart desires!

If you were thinking of carving out a space for yourself, I highly recommend it. Whether it's an entire room or a desk in your kitchen, it's great to have a place that inspires you to create.

I'll have lots of things to show you soon!


Robin said...

Yay! So nice to have your own space!

Jamie Watson said...

I love it! It must feel so good to have your own space. I love your bike, too.

Nadia said...

How great! It's so nice to have a space to play in, isn't it? A room of one's own...

Lisa said...

Awesome!!! That is a great space :)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

YAY! A space of your own, I feel honored to be part of it.

Jessica Nichols said...

I am so happy for you Mariss! Isn't it great to shift things around and free up space elsewhere? I felt so content reading about that part.

sulu-design said...

How cool to have your own creative space! And I'm so glad to see that you've already started creating in there.
I'm gonna warn you about the plans for the bulletin board wall when it's time to move. Just when we thought we'd made a dent in our packing and were getting ready to say goodbye to this place, we realized how many little projects we'll have to do before we go - touch up painting, rehanging the ugly curtain and towel rods that were in the place when we moved in, reinstalling a hideous ceiling fan. Not what I want to be doing when we're trying to get our butts out the door. Just saying.

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, congrats. That is too neat--& love the creative things you've gotten up to. Nothing really tops friend chicken and Snuggy ornaments :D