17 November 2009

Pom-Pom Rug + Blue Jeans Mojo

I always seem to meet such cool people through my pal Aimee. MB is no exception. I've only hung out with her a few times, but she's so down to earth, charismatic and full of life, you can't help but totally dig her at first meeting. Oh yeah, and she's travelled the world doing what she loves...producing television. It would be hard to like this lady if she didn't work her tuchus off and wasn't so darn nice! (wink)

Since we're both knitters, she let me know that her company, Junkdrawer Media, recently produced some Two Minute Inspiration videos for Lion Brand Yarn. I think these would be perfect for beginning knitters who may need a little extra encouragement or to help find ways to connect the dots between knitting a square and turning it into a gift.

Here's one of them below. Of course I had to link the one on pom-poms and embellishments.

They also have other videos on knitting and crochet that I didn't know about. I'm definitely interested in their crochet videos, since no matter how many times a friend shows me, I still cannot master a granny square. Videos can't get annoyed with me for needing to repeat the steps over and over!

In the video above, there is an actual rug made out of pom-poms. I think that my living room needs one of those pronto.

Pom Pom Rug

Congrats on a nice job, MB! I'm so glad that I scored one of your pairs of jeans at that clothing swap, so that some of your awesome mojo will rub off on me. (Insert scheming fake-evil laughter)


Lisa said...

I've seen the pom-pom rug...very cute, but a disaster if you have animals :)

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

love that pom pom rug.
great videos. I'm with you... videos can not talk back or be annoyed when you say, "what?" :)