11 November 2009

Cacti and Patience

Patience. Required for growing succulents and cacti and for learning to become better at drawing and painting from life.

I love using my watercolors for filling in and painting, but usually with pen and ink. It's entirely different when trying to actually draw, site measure and make it look like the object. Luckily, I have a university level drawing instructor and fine artist as a significant other. My ellipses are improving than from when we started dating seven years ago. (However, my other ellipses and propensity for tangent run on sentences will probably never improve!)

This drawing shows the beginnings of my still life.

First Pass

I took a second pass this weekend, while watching the end of Dirty Dancing on television and crying at the end. Is it just me, or do you all do that as well?


This is the second pass. I may go over it a final time to get the spikes and improve some of the details. It's all about a path, not the end result. Alas, the patience part.


I hope at least one of you is humming Patience by Guns N' Roses at this point... I'm sure I'll probably do the Axl dance here in a few.


Nadia said...

That looks great! :) Such a soft treatment for such a pokey subject.

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

lovely as usual.
I always cry while watching Dirty Dancing, and I think I would cry even more knowing that Patrick is gone. I'm such a baby :)

Estela said...

I've just recently started following your blog, I love your drawings! Makes me want to draw.

shannon leith said...

that little guys is so cute!

Lisa said...

...over use of ellipses...what's that about...seriously?

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I saw D.D. once + I'm OK with it, sorry we're a miss on this one, but you are still my super blog friend. My #1 cry movie is "The Color Purple" and recently the doc. "Dear Zachary," I dare you not to cry over that story! We also caught an episode of a TV show called "Pit Bulls + Parolees" + I was bawling!

5 days 'til BRUUUUUCE!
6 days 'til you're 31!

p.s. lovely watercolor, as always

Anna said...

It's looking good! I always cry at the end of DD too! NO-body puts baby in a corner...

sulu-design said...

You so have the hair to do the Axl dance well. And speaking of dancing, I'll admit here and now that I've never seen Dirty Dancing. But I did see a commercial for it where the "Nobody backs Baby into a corner," line was used and I loved it so much that I quoted it quite often for a while.
All that mess aside, your watercolor is beautiful. I admire that you're really working at improving your painting skills, and I really like the idea of you and Mike painting together. So cute, you are.