19 November 2009

Headresses + Hats with Horns

At my work, we all doodle toward the end of our meetings while we're chatting. As Mike stated when I showed him this, "That's one hell of a work doodle." It's like knitting while talking, I was definitely paying attention, just moving my hand around. Can you tell that subconciously I must want a headress and Viking type helmut with horns. The funny thing is that I've drawn headresses before, and didn't realize that I went home and braided my hair to match the drawing (minus the horns) until Mike pointed it out.

My Swedish "brother" is coming to visit next summer for our wedding. I may get my hands on one of these helmets after all!

Headresses  + hats with horns

We've finally gotten some colors picked as inspiration for our nuptuals next year. It's a jumping off point, we'll see how it pans out. I hate matchy matchy, but love a broad spectrum of colors. My limited selection is half a rainbow. I know this says something about myself...

Warm Colors'

I'll have to get some type of sweet treat tonight. After all, it is my birthday! However I have my first committee meeting tonight for something I'm looking forward to, and didn't want to miss it. Believe it or not, volunteer work in my field has been hard to find! Cake with three types of sprinkles to follow on Saturday.

Favorite Donuts


Lisa said...

Your new name....Brunhilde :) Braids are required of course.

Laura said...


Those are my favorite donuts, too! Followed a close second by peanut donuts (which no one makes anymore).

Jessica Nichols said...

No way!!! You & Jamie share a birthday? Love it, how perfect. Happy belated birthday sweet Mariss!

sulu-design said...

Damn me! I'm wishing you a bleated birthday?!? I hope that you had enough sweet treats to induce a sugar coma and you're only waking from it now, still thinking it's your birthday. I hope you had an awesome day.