28 October 2009

Gouache and Karma

Jess reminded me that I need to play with my goauche set, after I saw she had been using the extra set I sent her. I hate throwing things out and am so glad when you can pass something along that someone else can use and enjoy. It's also money in the karma bank, in my opinion!


I reminded myself to just play and not worry about the end result.


I've obviously had these colors on my mind. Perhaps it's the beautiful dahlias and flowers I saw in San Jose?

Pink + Yellow

Or the gorgeous vintage scarf that Shona (one of my most favorite crafty friends that I haven't met yet) sent to me as a little surprise. Good grief! I guess that karma stuff really works! (wink wink)

I heart Shona


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

WOW! Do I get Karma credit too???

Oh, one day we'll meet, I just know it.


sulu-design said...

So, so good. The colors, the gorgeous painting, the goodness from Shona's way. When you two meet, can I tag along?

Jessica Nichols said...

It is lovely to see you playing too! Your karma bank is definitely in the black lady. :)

Jamie Watson said...

Lovely, all of it!