26 October 2009

Bliss List

Jessica Gonacha Swift started a sweet creative mission (I'm not sure what to call it...) over at Treasuring today, and I felt compelled to participate. So I made a quick "bliss list. I'm thinking of good and positive things that I have to look forward to today. Okay, I read it wrong, it's from the past week, so I can add extras. I think I'll cap it off at 8 for today.

1. I'm attending a lecture tonight entitled "Trends in Sustainable Design and Construction". The people over at Onion Flats are speaking, and I'm really looking forward to it.

2. The slowly building rat's nest atop my head got a much needed haircut this Saturday. It was only a trim, but I feel like a new gal.

Bliss List

3. I bought a new lipstick, mascara and painted my nails. I feel like Operation Dress Like an Adult in the Workplace is working for me. Don't google it, I made this one up.

4. Gorgeous weather and getting out of the office at lunch. Where I scored a Phillies Phanatic foam hand at the rally at City Hall. I'm not even that into baseball, but am proud of Philly!

5. The show 30 Rock. Wow. I'm actually glad I waited so long to get hooked, since I just finished watching all episodes this past weekend and have a total girl crush on Tina Fey. She's phenomenal!

6. The amazing entertainment at the Laundromat yesterday. Instead of dreading laundry, I took advantage of the crisp / sunny weather to sit on the stoop and read a book. (#5 of the Sookie Stackhouse series...I'm hooked). Two teenage boys came in (approximately 12 and 14). They were ribbing on each other over a girl one of them liked, and making fun of each other's mamas...but all in good fun. The one boy was so silly, that he was cracking himself up. At one point, he pretended that he was receiving text messages and phone calls from the practically obsolete pay phone. When he said the words, "Hey! I just got a text from this pay phone! Your mama wants to go on a date with me!" I was the one who lost it. I was trying to be normal while folding clothes, but started laughing so hard I could not stop. I walked over to the dryer to get a hold of myself, but to no avail. This lasted for 3 straight minutes. It made me miss my brother (in a good way), since he would have thought this was just as silly as me.

7. I just saw the photo (that everyone on the internet has probably already seen), of graffiti that someone wrote on an electric hand dryer. Someone changed the directions to read: 1. Push button. 2. Receive bacon.

8. Knowing I have a great guy in my life makes the list. He's pretty special, and I really appreciate him.

How about you guys? What's good with you?


jacqueline said...

Love your bliss list....so much fun to make a list using your illustration. I love that lots! Mine would be finally buying a few handmade items that were pulling my heart string, finshied a wedding ring pillow and finally started work on a wedding ring pouch. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

sulu-design said...

Totally agree on 5.
Laughed out loud on 6 (made me miss NYC - kids here don't have that much personality).
Psyched to see 7 (I live under a rock and hadn't seen it before).
Good for you on 8 - for real.

Heather 'BFF' P. said...

You are the best and always put a smile on my face! Having a great husband, family, and friends always makes my bliss list -:). I am wishing you a very early happy birthday. I head out of town tonight, and I return after you turn 31! Love to you and Mike East!!

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

what a great idea. I will have to work on a bliss list as I'm sure there is something good here in my life :) thanks for giving me a nudge to look!

Jessica Nichols said...

I haven't seen that photo yet, will go looking now. Love the laundromat story!

Jamie Watson said...

I haven't seen #7! But the thought of it makes me laugh and really makes me want to do a little graffiti.

Right this moment, being under a cozy blanket next to my dog is my bliss.

And reading this blog! (-: