30 October 2009

Archetypal Stand Mixer in Turquoise

My love of baking probably stemmed from my immense love of baked goods. Or rather, I needed to bake in order to create a layer of cake-like substance from which to eat large quantities of frosting. I love frosting. Or icing. But not the gourmet type. I like the generic Dunkin Hines, Funfetti, and fudgy chocolate from plastic canisters. I'm sure many of you don't approve, but I'm just being honest.

Sometime around third grade, my mom taught me to use the oven myself (with supervision of course). I'd spend an entire Saturday baking and decorating sugar cookies. The recipe was actually from an old Sesame Street book, called
Cookie Monster's Cookie Dough. They were delicious, and I can't believe it took me until just this minute to look for it on the internet. Oy!

My brother would help me decorate, we'd roll the dough out with our grubby hands, working the dough into worms, hat cookies (so I could decorate with flowers and rainbows of color), monsters, airplanes, alien starships...you name it, we made it. We'd take over the entire kitchen table and cover it with flour, would get dough smeared everywhere, and frosting in the remote places that the dough hadn't contaminated.

I don't know how that got all cleaned up. I'm sure we did a bit, but I'm sure my mom did a lot more than I remember. Another reason to love that woman...

I'm not a girl who needs a lot, kitchen appliance wise. I use my immersion blender (from Aunt Marty) for everything. So much that I got rid of my hand mixer, blender and a waffle iron for good measure. But the KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I lust after it. When I first started learning to cook, it stood out as an archetype for being a real baker or just knowing my way around the kitchen. Plus I saw one online with flames painted on the side, and you don't forget that too easily.

22. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

My mom bought a white one off of a friend, that she says I can have next time I go home to Florida with my car. I may just have to take her up on this! But I wanted to draw the turquoise one that is part of the Martha Stewart collection at Macy's because you know how I love pretty colors.

How about you guys? What's the one material thing that you thought would make you feel like a grown up, or that you want even though you may not need it? Uh, this and the Franklin Covey planner in 2002 are obviously mine!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I have a running joke with a friend that it's not a mortgage that makes us grown-ups, it's things like a real coffee table (for me) + a leather couch (for her), basically not dorm furniture.

Did I mention that my 1979 Cuisinart came back to life? It was headed for the city's e-waste drop-off, but I decided to give it another try + it WORKED! I guess the motor just needed to cool down. That's my grown-up kitchen item.

Nic said...

Girl, this is EXACTLY what *wedding* registries are for!!

Anonymous said...

When I grow up I want MG and BW furniture. Until then, I'll settle for their books.

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

I have had my kitchen aid mixer for almost 15 years. I use it weekly. It's an investment. You will never regret getting it :) (the different colours, yes... but the machine itself, no. I went with plain white and still works in any kitchen)

Yes, I agree with Nic, perfect wedding registry item!

sulu-design said...

Right on, Nic. We got one of these mixers when we got married (in matte gray - which is as much my personality as turquoise is yours). I say register for one in the color of your dreams!

I love to cook and bake, too, but I'm not big on lots of doodads in the kitchen. I'll admit, though, that I was super psyched when we got a food processor for Christmas last year. I actually sat down and watched the entire 45 minute long DVD that came with it.

Nadia said...

My over-sized, gray leather Coach purse is making me feel like a real adult -- it shot me from 27 to 77! I think it's all the medicine bottles, knitting and candy that make it feel like a grandma purse. ;)

Jessica Nichols said...

I love the childhood baking story. I think for me one thing that would make me feel like a grownup would be committing to buying a case of one wine. I have neve done that. Today I bought six bottles of one kind, so I guess I am making progress. I have never bought that much at once unless I was hosting a party.

Susan, you are so funny with the dvd. :)

Jamie Watson said...

It was a leather couch that made me feel like a grown up in the year 2000.

I like sugar cookies with frosting on them.

A grown up now - I would like to reupholster some furniture.

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