07 July 2009

Why I think we'll make it.

Because we're crazy, Mike and I found ourselves baking lasagna. Giada's delicious recipe. But yes, lasagna, on July 3rd. Mike has been jonesing to make it. Me? Not so much. It's summer time. Time for fresh foods, light fare and cereal when we're lazy.

"Do you really want to make lasagna?"

"Yeah. We can eat it for days on end. It's very economical."

"Do you think we're the only people in the history of the world who baked lasagna on July 4th weekend?"

"It is pretty funny. Let's make a tradition to do it every year! But you know we'll probably forget."

"Yeah! But yes, we probably will forget." (recording it via the blog for next year)

Mike Prepping

And this is reason #341 why I should marry this guy.

We do make a pretty good team. I agreed to make the bechemel sauce while Mike did the prep work. This is how I know we'll make it as a couple. Cooking as a couple requires compromise and cooperation. For example, I smile nicely and don't voice my opinion about the sheer volume of small dishes that he's using for prepwork that will have to be washed. He pretends that I'm the saddest act in the planet for having a slight cold this weekend and does all the dishes. (wink)

Okay, after all that sweetness, here's something tart for you. It looked pretty enough for a picture, until it fell upside down (wrapped in plastic, thank God!) at Olivia's house. It still won the taste contest against the reigning supermarket in New Jersey, the famous Wegmans.

Key Lime Pie

Afterwards, we watched fireworks with thousands of people and I treated myself to a $1 glow in the dark necklace. All in all, a pretty great weekend.

Okay, I must go and choose between cereal or sixth serving of lasagna before Quizzo.


Nadia said...

What a cutie pie pie!

Anonymous said...

ahahaha my friend Joy brought glow in the dark bracelets to the chicago fireworks. We also gave 5 of them away to a blanket next to us that had 5 little girls. Then on july 4th at our house zander gave uncle nat, joy, and i all orange glow in the dark necklaces at our fireworks! ahaha

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

best served cold the following day + I have this thing about layered foods where I treat it like an archeological dig + eat a layer at a time.

sulu-design said...

Your lasagna is my eggplant parm. And your Mike is my Barry - he likes to get every possible kitchen utensil dirty when preparing a meal, too. You two certainly are a match made in heaven.
Random question: what's with that cute print on your kitchen counter? It is a cloth? Is is painted on the counter? Do tell.
One last thing: I can't be trusted around key lime pie. I have no control near the stuff. That one looks awesome. Maybe it's time I whip one up.