22 January 2009

Eggteeth + Wings + Rings

As I mentioned before, Mike and I decided to keep it simple in our Christmas gift giving this year. We each made an ornament for each other, and decided it would be a sweet tradition to start.

Christmas Ornaments

You've already seen my bird ornament, but Mike made a little monster that he named "Eggtooth Goobles", since all creepy-cute beings need ridiculous names. Those green things are supposed to be wings. But bless his heart, he sewed it inside out and flipped it so he wouldn't have stitches showing. He started before as a surprise, otherwise, I would have gladly shared my easier to sew felt with him!

Mike has always been drawing funny little monsters, and this one is a spoof on me, since my dad calls me a "Turkey" and I bit two little girls when I was a baby. That's right. I broke the skin too.

M.E. + M.H.

I couldn't stop sewing, so made one to start make up for the six Christmases without ornaments. I put our initials and made it look like an old school Victorian Valentine.

Mike must have really loved my ornament, since he gave me an extra present of his own when I returned in January. It's in there with the other rings he's given me over the years.


It took me almost 2 weeks to come out of shock, but yes, he asked both of my parents and of course they said yes. Granted, if Mike had responded differently when talking to my mom about Florida Gators football, she may have said no. Ha!

P.S. I said yes too!


andrea said...

heeeee! happy engagement! soooo exciting! and the ornaments are adorable too!

when are we going to actually meet and hang out? drinks to celebrate this milestone, for sure!

Heather said...

Congrats and best wishes!

Lisa said...

Love the bug ring, too! Oh, and I always suspected that as a child you might not have played well with others. So happy you have stopped gnawing on your friends!

Nadia said...


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I love the ornaments so much. What a wonderful tradition, I think I might suggest it to my boy for next year.

Congratulations...initiate the wedding planning blog!

Anonymous said...



Laura said...

get OUT~! congrats!

Jackie said...

I usually just lurk. ;) But I had to come out of hiding to say Congratulations!!!

Love the ornaments too. So cute!

Jillian said...


susan said...

I have been waiting for the reveal!!!!!yahoo....and you know next year, Michael will produce an absolutely perfect ornament with exquisite beadwork or something.

Nic said...

YAY! Congrats a billion times over, of course. I love the ring, classic solitaire, and I love that it has only 4 prongs (I don't like the busy-ness of a 6 prong setting). But, we need a better picture of the color/clarity and sparkliness ;)

I also <3 the valentine ornament. maybe I will get inspired to make something for V-day coming up!!

sulu-design said...

I had bookmarked your first post about your ornament exchange with Mike because I was so enamored with your beautiful bird. Seeing Mike's gift to you, and the gorgeous heart you made (retroactively, how cute) made me all warm and fuzzy feeling this morning.
Congratulations to you two. How perfectly wonderful. I can tell you are a match made in heaven.

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

oh yeah!
How sweet are you two?
two peas in a pod I think.
so very happy for you.
congrats :)

meg said...

Yaaaaay! Congratulations, the ornaments, and all of the gifts, are really beautiful.

(Also, I bit a little girl when I was 2 or so. She stole my Popple. And I, too, broke skin).

Carrie said...

Congrats, Marissa!! I hope you enjoy the planning...just don't become a Bridezilla ;-)

Jamie Watson said...

oh my gosh I literally have tears in my eyes. congratulations. this is such beautiful news!!!

ambika said...

First of all, I adore the monster he made and the name he gave it. And *congrats*! I had to read it two times to fully register--and how lovely is the bowl where you keep your rings!