17 December 2008

Apartment Pants

Secret projects are no fun for people like me who tend to be impatient. I want to show you right away the amazing feat I accomplished! I sewed pants! And they did not fall down when I stood up!

Aimee needed someone to test sew a new pattern for her. I needed an excuse to suck it up and get over my phobia of following a pattern. So, I ended up sewing a pair of Apartment Pants, which is now available on Betsy Ross Patterns.


I consider myself a newbie when it comes to sewing garments. I was pleased to find that the instructions were simple, intuitive and delightfully charming like my friend. Mike and I had agreed to model for her pattern as well. However, I was in New York for the weekend, so Mike did the shoot with Aimee and MB. What a trooper! I don't think he minded hanging out with two cute gals (wink).

Russian Dolls

You can see the photos from their shoot and the two (count em') pairs of pants I sewed on Junkdrawer.


Lisa said...

I love them in action on Aimee's site!!!

Regina said...

They're adorable! As for the "in-action" photos... I don't know.... Mike looks like he's having too much fun! :D

I love the pants. Sometimes I wish I would get over my dislike of sewing so much and give it a try...

jenjerpeach2 said...

i'm bummed that i didn't make it to the party tonight, it was my anniversary. i totally would've sang you a song.

those pants look awesome! i love the print. i might just sew up another pair of lounge pants for myself. i love her tote bag.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Not entirely sure what the meaning is behind "apartment" pants, but practically everyone I know has their favorite cold weather hanging 'round the house pants (not suitable for trips to the grocery store unless you consider wearing your slippers to the grocery appropriate).

OH! So that's Mr. Mike.

Good job on sewing, I am a straight A-line skirt maker, no buttons or zippers, tie closure on everything kind-a gal.

susan said...

look at little michael, he's so emometrosexual.
nice work on the pants!

sulu-design said...

I loved the post on MB's blog, and didn't realize that YOU had made the pants that were featured in it, you gal of many talents.

Andrea said...

Your boy's looking good in those pictures. The shoot looked like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see your finished work. I love the fabric.