15 December 2008

Gift Tags from Karen

Karen, one of my lovely friends from knitting circle, just became a new Grandma. She wanted to make the hand knitted gifts for her firstborn grandson extra special, so asked for my help. I'm always happy to do commissions for such cuteness!

I created hand drawn gift tags for the four knitted gifts Karen made. There was one for a miniature James Dean Hat.

James Dean Hat

One was created for the ever adorable Striped Baby Mitts, designed by our friend Emily.

Baby Mitts

There was a crocheted Starry, Starry Night Blanket.

Starry Starry Night

The baby wore Courtney Kelly's Baby Jacket with Moss Stitch Edges home from the hospital. (We sure have some talented pals...)

Baby Jacket

My favorite tag to draw was not a knitted gift at all. Karen and her husband wanted to treat their daughter to a night on the town once things settled down with her new baby. Secretly, I think they wanted the little guy all to themselves! They gave her tickets to see Spam-a-lot and dinner at the Good Dog, her favorite restaurant. Isn't that sweet?


Congratulations again to Kelly, Karen and the entire clan!


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous tags - I'm impressed you had time to do them at the moment!

Nadia said...

I love your tags! So sweet.

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

those tags are priceless!
Little gems of artwork. I would keep them forever!

Karen said...

I was so happy to have Marissa make them. She's such a great artist and friend. The starry night blanket isn't finished yet, though it will be tonight. She'll get that gift tag along with the blanket on Christmas morning. The others have become part of the scrapbook she's made. Kelly was so thrilled that she knew the artist from her visits to knitting circle.

EmilyG said...

Karen, how totally brilliant to commission those from our brilliantly talented friend! They're just wonderful!

Anonymous said...


susan said...

I love the Spam-a-lot tag! We are all going to see it as a Christmas present. (Nat doesn't know yet)The commercial on TV shows a scantily clad woman in a garter belt. I said to Charlie, "are you sure it said 8 and up?" It may be the boy's favorite present....minus the red sirus pyrus transformer ball thingamadooie you got him.

Nic said...

As always, I love your drawing/painting crafts! I was actually thinking recently about your yarn ball christmas tree card, but i don't remember where I put it :( I loved that one!!

Robin said...

I so love those tags! How awesome!

Robin said...

Susan, not sure if you've gone to Spamalot yet, but you may want to reconsider bringing an 8-year old. I went today in NYC and loved it! HOwever, there's A LOT of cursing. He wouldn't necessarily get the lude sexual gestures, but there's a few scenes w/ a lot of expletives!

(marissa, if susan doesn't see this, can you let her know? sorry for hijacking!)