13 October 2008

Apple Orchards

I have always wanted to visit an apple orchard, and after seeing Andrea's post, I called up some friends and we headed over to Linvilla Orchards.

For fuel though, I did something else I've been meaning to do. I visited a donut shop across the street from my house and was pleasantly surprised to find that it is probably not a drug front. There were actual donuts and things being sold there of the legal variety.

The following pretty much sums up my Saturday. And yes, I'm wearing a pack that happens to be belted on to my mid-section. Although I generally wear it slung across a hip, in these pictures, I'm wearing it like my favorite Uncle Steve on a family trip circa 1986.

12. A really good Saturday

Being Adam + Eve


The day, this truck, rockin' the fanny sack...awesome...


andrea said...

So exciting! Next time, let's join forces for a pick-a-thon of produce!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I have my apple crisp heating right now for lunch, its going to be soooooo yummy!

kat | Taylor Made designs said...

Looks like you had a great time. Apple picking is so much fun.

I made another huge batch of apple crisp last night. It's so yummy :)

susan said...

you have to order the donut with "special" sprinkles.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was fanny PACK. oh well, this is coming from the girl who smokes 40's. i STILL haven't decided on the yarn for demi. it had to be the right color and yarn texture. i'm still looking though!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Hey! I have 2 Mountain Smith packs that belt around my middle. No shame, no shame at all.

I am dying for more apples fresh off the tree. All my parking lot resources have been plucked dry!