08 August 2008

Princess #1 Reigns Supreme!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my Gocco Tutorial was featured in Craftzine and Whip Up today. I got the sweetest comments from people thanking me for my time in putting it together. Don't you love how when you know just enough about something that you're not that scared to put out a tutorial to help others?

38. Clean-up

That is one thing that is remarkable about the internet. When you have a new interest that hardly any of your friends had heard about, there are great online resources out there, and an amazing amount of friendly people willing to share their knowledge.

My tutorial was a way to put more good karma out there from getting so much help on knitting and gocco (wink).

Mike has been in Indiana visiting his family this week. Although I miss him, I'm glad that he has a chance to see them. I was also lucky to have my cousin Cara visit this weekend, and we took a trip to the Jersey shore to see our aunt and uncle.

Apparently, she is still not happy with her mom for giving me the favored "so ugly it's pretty" of our
Grandma's scrap afghan. We're currently negotiating a joint custody of the blanket. I must make a mental note to remind her that as the first granddaughter and reigning "Princess Number One" so christened by our late Grandma, it's mine until I befall my throne. (wink)

In the meantime, I'm unwinding every night by crocheting a few rows of my own scrap afghan, dubbed "The Frankenblanket" by

Frankenblanket - August

It is so uninentionally long, that it will be a vertically striped blanket instead of a horizontally striped one. I love it, and it's definitely a runner up in the ugly-cute category, like my favorite dog, the Pug.

Frankenblanket - August

I love it! The only part I'm not digging are the red and pink stripes on the left hand side. Thinking back though, the red mohair was yarn that Mike bought me on my first and only Christmas away from my family, and the pink was something I was going to make his niece, but didn't since it wouldn't be fair to make only her something and not his nephews....so it's quite fitting that the two are together.

I guess I won't mind them after all. I do like inadvertant pairings and found meaning.


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I *LOVED* that tutorial! I posted it in the Daily DIY the day I found it.

Your blanket looks great. I love having a relaxing project to look forward to at the end of the day.

Robin said...

At least craftzine mentioned you by name . . . Very cool that your hard work is being noticed and is helpful for folks!

junkdrawer said...

too funny! I saw it and thought to myself...gosh that looks like something Marissa would do. And you did! I shoulda looked closer..cause it was you! too cool. congrats girlie!

susan said...


sulu-design said...

Best title ever.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! i still don't understand gocco but you're in a magazine and that's awesome. YOU know what you're talking about and that's fine. those colors are the reason why we are friends lol.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

You are super fabulous + deserve all this attention.

Joint custody, you are funny too.

Nic said...

The blanket is looking good! What size crochet hook are you using, since you obviously have different weights of yarn? I can't believe you made it so long that it will be vertical!! How did you manage to do the foundation chain, that is always the worst part, lol ;)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through that tutorial, and very glad I was too! The scarf is gorgeous - the pink and red look fine from over here!