05 July 2008

Summer Days

Now that I have officially checked off the checkable items off of my to-do-list, I can revel in some summertime tomfoolery (that word must be used whenever the opportunity arises).

I forgot what freedom you have when you ride your bike around the city. Unfortunately, the hardest part is getting my bike in and out of the apartment. Sometimes it's the steep stairs, and sometimes it's a person passed out on your front stoop.

Schyukill River

This afternoon I took a ride along the
Schuylkill River. I rode so far south, that I realized I was practically at Lisa's house. Within a few minutes, she agreed to meet me for some iced coffee and knitting.


Landscape Scarf is coming along, after being ripped out a few times. It's the size of a bandit's kerchief, but growing steadily, one adorable picot at a time.


I had to take a minute to admire this ingenious wall garden outside of the cafe. How do you think she waters these plants? And really, do we even care? They're just so pretty.

Hanging Garden


Andrea said...

Sounds like a lovely peaceful day. I wish I was there.

Lisa said...

So glad you caught me post vaccuming! Made my day to hang out with you for a bit.

sulu-design said...

A novel that I read aloud to my sixth grade students every year makes many references to that crazily-named river you Philly peeps have. I stumbled over the pronunciation every time.
You're quite a trooper for knitting in this heat (I mean, it's hot as hell there, too, no?).